Unit 154s Request to Move to District 12

     by Mike Carmen, District 8 Board of Directors

Unit 154 (Northern Indiana) is currently requesting a move from District 8 to District 12 (Michigan and northwest Ohio). The Unit 154 Board of Directors have circulated a petition that explains their reasons why the Unit should move to District 12. Additionally, they have posted their position on their web site so all of their members could view their reasons for the move.

However, there are some members of the Northern Indiana Unit who have alternate viewpoints regarding the move to District 12. There have been attempts to get their viewpoints to the members of the Unit, but there were many obstacles to accomplishing this.

The District 8 Board of Directors was polled regarding their position on these communication problems. They voted in favor of presenting alternate views to the membership.

The District 8 Board has not yet taken a position on Unit 154's proposed move to District 12. The following comparisons are presented so that the membership has access to alternate views on  particular items of interest:


Unit 154 Position

Alternate Viewpoint


Many partnerships already exist between members of D12 and Unit 154 at Unit 154 clubs in Angola IN, South Bend/Mishawaka IN, Michigan City IN, and Long Beach IN

Existing partnerships between players in District 12 and Unit 154 can continue regardless of what District they are in or where they play bridge.


Unit 154 is conveniently located to District 12. District 12 and Unit 154 share a common border of over 160 miles while the short border between District 8 and Unit 154 is less than 50 miles.

Its also true when you compare District 8 to District 11 and 13, as well as all 25 Districts in theACBL. Unit 154 has shared these borders for more than 60 years with great success for Unit 154 members, District 8 and theACBL.


Starting in 1996 Unit 154 was allocated a Regional every year with no end date. District 12 has a rotation in place with their five units for all four Regionals scheduled through 2020. There are no future plans for Regionals in Unit 154 with District 12.

This means a loss of income (approximately $25,000.00) to Unit 154 over the next three years, with no assurance for a Unit 154 Regional in future years. Historically, Regional income was used to subsidize Charity games, STaC, GNT, NAOP, etc


District 12 will allow any of the units within the district to participate in STaCs (Sectionals at Clubs) outside of District 12. District 8 has stringent restrictions on unit participation in non-District 8 STaCs.

From a player's viewpoint, there are no restrictions on playing in any STaC in any District. District 8 allows Units to participate in neighboring District STaCs as long as those Units are also participating in most of District 8 STaCs and the event does not conflict with any function sponsored by District 8.

Regional Finances

District 8 and District 12 have different requirements for hosting a Regional.

If there is no Regional, then how much it costs to have it is of no consequence. No tournament means no income for the Unit.