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Mini-McKenney Standings

Here is the latest list of the Unit #223 leaders in various categories. Congratulations on all of your hard work!

0 to 5

Margaret Lynn, Lawrenceville IL

Joan Schullian, Herrin IL

Nancy Yates, Edwardsville IL


5 to 20

Al Wentz, Edwardsville IL

Rocky Eveans, Brighton IL

John Asunskis, Belleville IL


20 to 50

Janet Eveans, Brighton IL

Bonnie Poynor, Hickman KY

Kathy Harasimowicz, Carbondale IL


50 to 100

Sue Peck, Paducah KY

Ron Clark, Marion IL

George Ballhausen, Swansea IL


100 to 200

Kinda Key, O’Fallon IL

Donna Swick, Newton IL

Sterling Dare, O’Fallon IL


200 – 300

David Stein, Carlyle IL

Mary Shaw, Carlinville IL

Joyce Clark, Marion IL


300 to 500

Judith Wagner, Belleville IL

Barbara Constance, Belleville IL

Vicki Valley, Edwardsville IL


500 to 1000

Paul Bridges, Swansea IL

Pamela Ames, Maryville IL

Kadie Davis, Maryville IL


1000 to 1500

Donald Klingsick, Edwardsville IL

Gail Dare, O’Fallon IL

Elaine Sigles, Highland IL


1500 to 2500

Dennis Rose, Boaz KY

Roseann Stice, East Alton IL

Robert Cundall, Collinsville IL


2500 to 3500

Jane Baker, Paducah KY

Ronald Brockman, Paducah KY

Ralph Rotter, Granite City IL


3500 to 5000

Richard Brummer, Effingham IL

Julia Rambo, Mayfield KY

Jo Echols, Paducah KY


NEW CLUB MASTER:  John Asunskis, Belleville IL


NEW JUNIOR MASTER:  Joan Schullian, Herrin IL



   Bonnie Poynor, Hickman KY

   Janet Kuehn, Fairview Heights IL

   Tom Luehder, Swansea IL


NEW NABC MASTER:  Anna Sparling, Effingham IL


NEW ADVANCE NABC MASTER:  Judith Wagner, Belleville IL


NEW LIFE MASTER:  Janet Little, Wood River IL



   Richard Maxedon, Fairview Heights IL

   Carol Phillips, Godfrey IL


Irvin Cobb Sectional Held in Paducah KY

The annual Irvin Cobb Sectional was held in Paducah KY on September 1-3, 2017. The tournament had 25 more tables than last year, with a total of 122. This was the highest number of tables since before 2007.  There were a total of 102 players and 531.40 masterpoints were earned.

Paducah is planning on hosting the tournament again next year on August 31 – September 2, 2018. With the exception that all pairs events will be single session events with overall winners for each session, the schedule and amenities should be pretty much the same as this year. This change in the pairs events should produce more masterpoints, especially if two number one sessions are put together.

Also, the tournament committee has listened to the comments and promises to have playing cards in much better condition next year! On behalf of the Paducah Duplicate Bridge Club, thanks to everyone for coming.

The ten top masterpoint winners were:

Kevin Clark of Franklin TN -- 24.13 points

Elaine Said of Nashville TN -- 24.13 points

Jeffrey Chapman of Hopkinsville KY -- 20.91 points

James Bottom of Russell Springs KY  -- 20.91 points

Donna Chapman of Hopkinsville KY -- 20.91 points

Brandon Liao of Madisonville KY -- 20.91 points

Phelps Lambert of Henderson KY -- 20.04 points

Bernard Kay of Evansville IN -- 20.04 points

Ronald Brockman of Paducah KY -- 12.81 points

Dennis Rose of Boaz KY -- 12.81 points

Sectional Tournament in Edwardsville IL

Edwardsville held its sectional tournament on July 28-30, 2017. The tournament had a total of 144 tables, with events ranging from Open Pairs, 299er Pairs, and Open Swiss Teams. The total masterpoints given was 601.44, which were earned by 178 players.

The top ten winners were:

Clay Cuthbertson, Quincy IL -- 18.24 points

Michael Pitonak, Valley Park MO -- 16.68 points

Debra Romero, Clarkson Valley MO -- 16.38 points

Judy Eaton, Edwardsville IL -- 15.63 points

En Zie, St. Louis MO -- 15.30 points

Mark Boswell, Clarkson Valley MO -- 14.86 points

Paul Chan, Columbia MO --11.36 points

Lily Chan, Columbia MO -- 11.36 points

Dennis Spencer, St. Louis MO -- 10.87 points

Milton Zlatic, St. Louis MO -- 10.80 points

Mark your calendars!

  Adult Bridge Bootcamp (0-500 sectional tournament), Lake Williamson, Carlinville IL -- October 23-26

  District 8 Sectional-at-Clubs – October 30-November 5

  North American Pair District 8 Finals, Wyndham Gardens Hotel, Urbana IL -- Sunday, November 12