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Illinois Senior Olympics -- Tuesday, August 29, Springfield IL

A 62.59% game earned Jim Carbaugh and Paul Lindauer the gold medal in the 2017 Illinois Senior Olympics Bridge Tournament. Chuck Young and Rich Pestien of Peoria took the silver medal, and the bronze went to Eunice Patton and Cindy Moore of Bloomington.

This 13th annual contest drew 25.5 tables of players ages 50 and over. Congratulations to the winners and runners-up: 

 MPs   A   B   C     Score
    Jim Carbaugh, Metamora; Paul Lindauer, Varna 62.59%
  Chuck Young - Rich Pestien, Peoria 62.32%
    Eunice Patton - Cindy Moore, Bloomington 62.05%
  Mark Beattie, Sherman; Bob Derber, Springfield 61.59%
  Tim Cull - Dan Punzak, Springfield 60.60%
  Gary Dell - Peter Ashbrook, Champaign 60.42%
Marsha Woodbury, Urbana; Bill Strauss, Champaign     59.78%
  Cam Barbian - Donna Barbian, Sherman 59.42%
Mary Ann Young - Jo Caldwell, Jacksonville 58.33%
Janet Little, Alton; Janet Eveans, Brighton 54.17%
Mike Heneghan, Forsyth; Doris Mabry, Decatur 53.08%
Wes Seitz - Clyde Smith, Champaign 52.72%
Bill Murray - Kathy Bartman, Springfield 50.09%

A full recap sheet with hand diagrams and contracts played is here:

Unit Masterpoint Races

Year-to-date leaders in each masterpoint category (through September 30, 2017):

    Ace of Clubs (points won at clubs)

    Mini-McKenney (total points won)

On the Club Calendar

 ♣  Club Appreciation Month -- October 1-31

ACBL designates October as Club Appreciation Month and offers all clubs the opportunity to host extra club championships, with no added fees. Each sanctioned session can can host one pairs championship and one Swiss Team championship anytime during October, in addition to its regular quarterly club championship. The games offer extra masterpoints (black points, 85 percent of sectional rating). Team games also pay 5-percent gold points. Ask your club manager for the dates of the games in your area.

October is also District 8 Charity Month. Clubs throughout the District will be running charity championships to support the annual Youth Bridge Camp in Carlinville IL.

 ♣  Silver Point Sectional-Tournament-at-Clubs (STAC) -- October 30-November 5

Loads of silver points will be available for a full week beginning October 30, when all clubs in District 8 can award sectional-rated silver points at all sessions. The event also offers District-wide overall awards, giving you the chance to win as many as 15 silver points in one session. See the ACBL website for updated results during and after STAC week.

See The Leaves Sectional  

Oct 13-15, 2017  

Rochester Public Library
   1 Community Drive, Rochester IL    

Click here for a full schedule.

Movin' Up:  Congratulations to these Unit members who recently advanced in rank:

Junior Master (5 pts.)                         

Daniel Macholan, Washington

Adrine Midden, Springfield

Elizabeth Truitt, Chillicothe

Henry Truitt, Chillicothe

Sandra Walter, Springfield


Club Master (20 pts.)    

Kathleen Eckner, Urbana

Dave Kreemer, Paris

Cindy Lake, Bloomington

Adam  Madonia, Springfield

Barbara O'Neal, Bloomington

Linda Sloat, Urbana


Sectional Master (50 pts.)     

Dan Drake, Charleston

James Hitz, Peoria

Alex Maloney, Champaign

Patricia Simpson, Galesburg

Joseph Termine, Pleasant Plains

Regional Master (100 pts.) 

Bill Murray,  Springfield


NABC Master (200 pts.)

Ralph Witmer, Decatur


Life Master (300 pts.)

Dr William Thompson, Champaign   


Bronze Life Master (500 pts.)

Jim Heller, Petersburg


Silver Life Master (1000 pts.)

Dr Richard Millman, Peoria


Diamond Life Master (5000 pts.)

John Seng, Champaign