Win silver points at your local club

  District 8 Silver Point Sectional
      October 31 - November 6, 2011

Plan now to play in your local club the week of October 31 in District 8’s annual Silver Point Sectional-Tournament-at-Clubs (STAC). All club games this week can award sectional silver points to winners and runners-up in three flights.

Masterpoint awards: The STAC event offers 18 different sessions -- morning, afternoon and evening each day. In addition to the silver-point section awards at each site, each session will be scored across the District for overall awards. 

Stratification: Open Pair games will have three strata — A: 1500+;  B: 0-1500;  and C: 0-500 (includes Life Masters with 300-500 masterpoints). Pair games of 3 tables or more will qualify for District-wide overall ranking. Clubs can also run Swiss teams and novice/intermediate pair games.

Entry fees: Sanction fee is $6 per table, so expect to pay an extra $1.50 over your club’s regular entry fee. Proceeds help fund the Advocate newsletter, the District finals of the North American Pairs and Grand National Teams, and other District 8 activities.

Club managers:  You must pre-register for STAC sessions on the ACBL web site. Go to  and fill out the online form (click the "Add line" button to register multiple sessions).  Detailed instructions are here.

Online results:  District-wide results from each session will be updated on the STAC website:

Game sites:  A list of participating clubs is here. Call your club manager for details on the STAC games in your area. If you have other questions, call or write the director or chairman.

    Director:  Rick Mueller

    District 8 STAC chairman:  Scott Davis   314-569-0990