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Illinois Senior Olympics 

   Wednesday, September 14 -- Springfield IL

A strong 66.85% game earned Dariel Richardson of Springfield and Barry Badgett of Chatham the gold medal in the 2011 Illinois Senior Olympics Bridge Tournament.

This eighth annual contest drew 28 tables of players ages 50 and over. The recap sheet with full results is here.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up:   

A1/B1 - Dariel Richardson - Barry Badgett

A2 - Gary Kessler - Sheldon Margulis

A3/B2 - Steve Hawthorne - Camilla Rabjohns

A4/B3 - Susan Pensoneau - Eric Thompson

A5 - Eunice Patton - Steve Babin

B4 - Joan Green - Chuck Langley

B5 - Ann Schuyler - Floyd Sherry

C1 - Shirley Moore - Sidney Moore

C2 - Wayne Caldwell - Jim Alred

C3 - Wes Seitz - Clyde Smith

C4 - Dorothy Berg - Vi Kothe

C5 - Marilyn Winter - Meg O'Leary

Gold Medal winners within age groups:

Women:  Camilla Rabjohns

Liz Zalar
Susan Pensoneau
Joan Green
Shirley Moore
Phyllis Collins
Marj Hanner
Helen Glisson

Men:  Barry Badgett

Dariel Richardson
Chuck Langley
Sheldon Margulis
Hank Hoffman
Ray Russ
Ray Sigler

  Mini--McKenney & Ace of Clubs Leaders  (through 9/6/2011)

Here are year-to-date leaders from Central Illinois Unit 208 in the annual ACBL masterpoint races.


Ace of Clubs (# pts. won)

Mini-McKenney (# pts. won)

Rookie  (0-5)

Cindy Moore, Bloomington -- 22

Cindy Moore, Bloomington -- 6

Jr. Master (5-20)

Lori Moore, Bloomington -- 33

Lori Moore, Bloomington -- 76

Club Master (20-50)

Meg O'Leary, Decatur -- 30

Lane O'Connor, Normal -- 42

Sectional Master (50-100)

Jane Crawford, Springfield -- 33  

Milt Epstein, Urbana -- 83

Regional Master (100-200) 

Shirley Coville, Springfield -- 51  

Joann Schroeder, Bloomington -- 67

NABC Master (200-300)

Becky Groeninger, Springfield -- 55

Becky Groeninger, Springfield -- 74

Life Master (300-500)

Shirley Logan, Springfield -- 56

Shirley Logan, Springfield -- 70

Bronze LM  (500-1000)

Linda Wilkening, Springfield -- 55

Mike Ring, Urbana -- 114

Silver LM  (1000-2500)

Larry Wilcox, Springfield -- 102

Paul Lindauer, Varna -- 229  

Gold LM  (2500-5000)

Steve Babin, Normal -- 73  

Nate Ward, Champaign -- 236

Diamond LM (5000-7500)

Mark Kessler, Springfield -- 3

Jim Melville, Springfield -- 446

Emerald LM (7500-10,000) Karen Walker, Champaign -- 8 Karen Walker, Champaign -- 204

Platinum LM  (10,000+)

Chris Benson, LeRoy -- 17

Colby Vernay, Lacon -- 421

Visit the ACBL Unit Awards page to view lists of the top ten Unit 208 players in each category.

Club News

 Club Appreciation Month -- October 1-31

ACBL designates October as Club Appreciation Month and offers all clubs the opportunity to host "extra" club championships, with no added fees. Each sanctioned session can can host one pairs championship and one Swiss Team championship anytime during October. The games offer extra masterpoints (black points, 85 percent of sectional rating). Team games also pay 5-percent gold points. Ask your club manager for the dates of the games in your area. More information is also available from

 Silver Point Sectional-at-Clubs (STAC) -- Monday through Sunday, Oct. 31 - Nov. 7

Loads of silver points will be available for a full week beginning October 31, when all clubs in District 8 can award sectional-rated silver points at all sessions. The event also offers District-wide overall awards, giving you the chance to win as many as 15 silver points in one session. See the District 8 Silverpoint Sectional website for updated results during and after STAC week. 

Movin' Up 

  Congratulations to these Unit members who recently advanced in rank:ank:

New Junior Masters (5 pts.)                  
Glee Cumbow, Danville
Aidan Epstein, Urbana
Devin Epstein, Urbana
Peggy Gilbert, Springfield
Vi Kothe, Bloomington
Ralph Witmer, Mattoon
Club Masters (20 pts.)
Dorothy Berg, Bloomington
Eugene Byers, Bloomington
Mary Houska, Normal
David Lemons, Champaign
Wesley Seitz, Champaign
Mary Tweedle, Bloomington
Sectional Masters (50 pts.)
Mark Beattie, Sherman
Barbara Schaad, Bloomington
Douglas Sutton, Springfield
Regional Masters (100 pts.)
Marilyn Winter, Mt. Zion
NABC Masters (200 pts.)
Sandy Dayton, Mahomet
Bob Derber, Springfield
Brian Maloney, Mahomet
Silver Life Master  (1000 pts.)
Gary Dell, Champaign
James Nixon, Galesburg
And welcome to new members:
Trudy Doubet, Bloomington
Tomoko Gragg, Springfield
Jane Grieser, Springfield
Carole Hillard, LeRoy