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Editor:  Mary Dolan, 10806 Charlton Way, St. Louis, MO 63146 

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

 -- Phil Jackson 

St. Louis Gateway to the West Regional

Some may think of August as the “dog days of summer,” but to bridge players it is the month to join the fun at the St. Louis Regional.

From August 14-20, enjoy the outstanding hospitality, expert guest speakers, and the friendly competition and companionship of fellow bridge players.

Each day choose from open pairs, Knockout events, single-session and two-session Swiss.  Also during the week, there will be two Gold Rush sessions, daily afternoon and evening I/N pairs events, and a Saturday Barometer event (first session qualifying).

Once again the 10:00 AM Sunday Swiss event will be: 

2-session A/X/Y Swiss (0-4000/6000/6000+) and open to anyone

2-session Bracketed Swiss for 0-3000 players.  In this event players compete only against teams in their bracket (usually 8 teams per bracket).

Click here for tournament flyer.

Tom Oppenheimer Receives Meritorious Service Award

This year’s Sunday Swiss event at the St. Louis Spring Sectional was named for Tom Oppenheimer, recipient of Unit 143’s Meritorious Service Award. 

The award was given in recognition of Tom’s many years of service to Unit 143, District 8, and ACBL. His roles ranged from serving on National Board of Governors to President of District 8 Board and 10 years of board membership to President of Unit 143 Board and 9 years of board membership. 

Tom is not only a top local player, but he is a teacher and mentor to many Unit 143 members. Unit 143 thanks Tom for his gifts of time and talent.

Unit 143 congratulates these participants in the 2017 District 8 Grand National Teams

Flight A:  Unit 143 members Tod Moses and Arthur Seltzer teamed with Richard Blumenthal (Crystal Lake IL) and Michael Halvorsen (Champaign) IL to take First Place. 
    Coming in second was the Unit 143 team of Mark Zellmer, Mike Giacaman, Debra Romero, and Mark Boswell.

Flight C: Second place went to Unit 143 members Michael Schneider, Dan Waeltermann, John Hagedorn, and Kathy Hagedorn

Championship Flight: Jack Bryant, Alan Popkin, Nancy Popkin, and Tom Oppenheimer from Unit 143 teamed up with Karen Walker and Nate Ward from Champaign to take second place.

Congratulations to Unit 143 Advancers

Life Master:  Ken Schlueter

 Bronze Life Master:  Bill Davis

Silver Life Master:  Beth Meteer

Ruby Life Master:&  Deborah King

2016 Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Winners

Bertram Risch (0-5 Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs)           

Carol Wagner (5-20 Ace of Clubs)

Ken Deutch (20-50 Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs)

John Hagedorn (100-200 Mini-McKenney)


Missing from picture: 

  James Pascoe (5-20 Mini-McKenney)

  Kelly White (50-100 Ace of Clubs)

  Dan Waeltermann (50-100 Mini-McKenney)

  Debb Keniley (100-200 Ace of Clubs)

Ace of Clubs:  

  Beth Meteer (500-1000)

  Arbha Vongsvivut (5000-7500)

  Marilyn Bolz (200-300)

  John Levis (300-500)

  Milt Zlatic (7500-10,000)


Missing from picture: 

  Randy Baker (1000-1500)

  Michael Pitonak (2500-3500)

Mark Boswell (3500 - 5000 winner both
    Mini McKenney and Ace of Clubs)

En Xie (over 10,000 winner Ace of Clubs)

John Levis (Mini-McKenney 300-500)

Milt Zlatic (Mini-McKenney 7500-10000)

Mike Arnheim (Mini-McKenney 500-1000)

Clay Cuthbertson (Mini-McKenney 2500-3500) 


Missing from picture: 

  Steve Clements (Mini-McKenney 200-300)

  Randy Baker (Mini-McKenney 1000-1500)

  Allyson Wolfe (Mini-McKenney 1500-2500),

  Sue Perez (Mini-McKenney 5000-7500)

  Ron Ashbacher (Mini McKenney over 10,000)

George Jones receiving his Ace of Clubs
(1500-2500) certificate. 

Thanks to Phyllis Siegel for delivering George's
certificate and sending in this picture.

Spring Sectional results

Players at 346 tables earned 1521.91 masterpoints.  Here are the top twenty-five:

  32.84  Lee Hastings, Saint Louis

  32.39  Tom Oppenheimer, Clayton

  31.69  Paul Chan, Columbia

  31.69  Lily Chan, Columbia

  29.78  Clay Cuthbertson, Quincy IL

  28.54  Karen Erlanger, Saint Louis

  28.54  John Burgener, Saint Louis

  26.67  Mark Ehret, Saint Louis

  24.53  Jack Bryant, Saint Louis

  23.93  Milton Zlatic, Saint Louis

  23.57  Robert Wheeler, Florissant

  21.56  Debra Romero, Clarkson Valley

  19.81  Bill Canfield, Saint Louis

  19.65  Alan Popkin, Saint Louis

  19.42  Mark Boswell, Clarkson Valley

  19.14  Peggy Wald, Chesterfield

  18.73  Nancy Popkin, Saint Louis

  17.49  Arbha Vongsvivut, Godfrey IL

  16.39  Ralph Behrens, Saint Louis

  15.88  Tom Kniest, Brentwood

  14.73  Judy Putzel, Saint Louis

  14.36  Jonathan Weinstein, Saint Louis

  14.06  Nancy Keefer, Saint Louis

  13.62  Mark Zellmer, Creve Coeur

  13.37  William Finkenstadt, Saint Peters MO