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Illini Regional -- May 23-29, Champaign IL

Thanks to everyone who traveled to Champaign during Memorial Day week to play in our Unit's annual regional.

Special thanks to the hard-working volunteers from Champaign's Bridge at Ginger Creek club:

Pete Petillo, Dave Wetzel & Michelle Wetzel -- Daily Bulletin
Debbie Avery -- Caddies
Bo & Linda Goersch -- Registration
John Seng  -- Prizes
Hugh Williams & Bob Sievers
-- Partnerships
Martha Leary -- Novice program
Karen Walker & Mike Halvorsen -- Chairmen

The full list of event winners and points won by all players is here. Top point winners from our Central Illinois Unit were:  

102.69  Mark Kessler, Springfield IL

  68.43  Colby Vernay, Lacon IL

  41.72  David Wetzel, Champaign IL

  41.17  Hugh Williams, Carbondale IL

  41.08  Karen Walker, Champaign IL

  38.70  Robert Shair, Champaign IL

  36.94  John Seng, Champaign IL

  34.47  Milt Epstein, Urbana IL

  32.85  Michael Halvorsen, Champaign IL

  32.06  Michelle Wetzel, Champaign IL

  29.19  Peter Yeh, Champaign IL

  26.04  Nate Ward, Champaign IL

  23.67  Sally Levering, Frankfort IL

  23.67  Al Levering, Frankfort IL

  22.52  Gary Dell, Champaign IL

  21.57  Brian Maloney, Champaign IL

  21.44  Thomas Shedlock, Danville IL

  20.23  Martha Leary, Urbana IL

  20.08  Chris Benson, Leroy IL

  19.63  JoAnn Schroeder, Normal IL

  19.42  Robert Butz, Kankakee IL

  19.42  Larry Rabideau, Saint Anne IL

  19.42  John Goring, Frankfort IL

  19.28  Anthony Curtis, Champaign IL

  18.34  Margaret Hansell, Champaign IL

  17.90  Stephen Babin, Normal IL

  17.32  Deborah Avery, Champaign IL

  17.30  Jonathan Greiman, Mokena IL

  16.15  Melissa Maloney, Champaign IL

  15.55  Daniel Bunde, Urbana IL

  15.16  Rebecca Tompkins, Quincy IL

  15.16  John Tompkins, Quincy IL

  15.08  Leonard Kaufman, Peoria IL

  15.08  Larry Seitzman, Peoria IL

  14.17  Carl Brueckner, Champaign IL

  14.04  Eunice Patton, Bloomington IL

  13.50  Wesley Seitz, Champaign IL

  13.50  Robert Steigmann, Urbana IL

  13.30  Peter Ashbrook, Champaign IL

  13.19  Robert Sievers, Champaign IL

  12.99  Irene Wen, Urbana IL

  12.97  David Stevens, Charleston IL

  12.66  Sherry Steigmann, Urbana IL

  12.17  Ned Horton, Champaign IL

  12.09  John Maloney, Champaign IL

  12.09  Alex Maloney, Champaign IL

 12.08  William Thompson, Champaign IL

 12.00  Phillip Kenney, Eureka IL

 11.49  William Strauss, Urbana IL

 11.11  Linda Segebart, Champaign IL

 10.87  Lori Moore, Bloomington IL

 10.77  Mark Daily, Charleston IL

 10.56  Jeffrey Furler, Bloomington IL

Congratulations, Coach!

Legendary Illinois basketball coach Lou Henson just reached another milestone in his illustrious career: His first win in a bridge tournament event.

Lou and partner Bill Strauss of Urbana (left) placed first overall in the Saturday morning Charity Pairs at the Illini Regional. Lou has been a regular at the tournament for years and has placed in several events, but this was his first outright win.

Lou and the tournament enjoyed some publicity in the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette. Read the feature here.

The paper also did a feature on local player Christine Carroll, who turns 100 next month. The story is reprinted in this issue of the Advocate (99 and going strong).

Play with a pro to trump Alzheimers

"Play with the PROS" is a silent online auction where you can bid to play with bridge stars -- including world champions and Hall of Fame players -- and advance a worthy cause.

All winning bids will support the Alzheimers Association and its work to end this tragic disease and care for those who are living with it now. Donations are 100% tax deductible. This year's goal is $10,000.

Dozens of bridge pros have donated their time to this fund-raising effort. To participate, visit and click the "View all items" link to browse and bid on potential partners. If you win, you and your partner will set up a mutually convenient time to play in an ACBL 12-board masterpoint tournament on Bridgebase Online. Also available for bid are two-hour private or group lessons with professional teachers on BBO.

Bidding is open until July 9.

Coming up on the Central Illinois Calendar

June, July & August -- North American Pair qualifying games, Local clubs

June 19-25- -- Crossroads Regional, Keller Convention Center, Effingham IL

July 14-16 -- Twin Cities Summer Sectional, Community Building, Towanda IL

Aug 29 -- Illinois Senior Olympics Bridge Tournament, Erin's Pavilion, Springfield IL

September 15-17 -- End o' Summer Sectional, Fon du Lac Park, Peoria IL

Illini Regional Winners

Chief Illiniwek KO Teams, Bracket 2:  
Gary Dell, Bob Shair,
Tom Shedlock, Steve Zenk

New Life Master Bob Judd (left), being congratulated by partner Tim Kleimeyer. Bob went over in the Thursday Open Pairs.

Saturday Gold Rush Pairs:
Carol Phillips & Vicki Valley

Friday Open Swiss Teams:
Lee Esworthy, Bob Butz,
Larry Rabideau, John Goring

Sat-Sun AM Blue Swiss Team:
Wes Seitz, Peter Yeh,
Shih-Tang Su & Irene Wen