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Grand National Team winners
Youth Bridge Camp
   June 30-July 6
Adult Bridge Boot Camp
   June 30-July 3
Bridge with Larry Cohen
  Accident Avoidance 
Solvers Forum
  June column
  August problems   
Unit News
 Northwest IL
 Central IL
 Northern IN
 Greater St. Louis
 So. IL-Paducah
Tournament calendar
Tournament winners
 Champaign IL REG
 Galesburg IL
 Effingham IL
 South Bend IN
 Ft. Wayne IN
 St. Charles MO
Tournament ads
 Crystal Lake IL REG
 Metropolis IL REG
 St. Louis REG
 Fort Wayne IN REG
 Edwardsville IL 
 Normal IL
 South Bend IN
 Crystal Lake IL
 Paducah KY
 Rockford IL
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June 2013

Published bi-monthly by District 8, American Contract Bridge League

Editor:  Karen Walker, Champaign IL

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