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Editor:  Mary Dolan, 10806 Charlton Way, St. Louis MO 63146 

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds."

 -- Francis Bacon

En Xie Wins 2017 Ed Schultz Player of the Year

I picked the quotation above because it fits En Xie so well. Following is an excerpt of comments made by Unit 143 President Becky Hubert at the award presentation at the Unit 143 January sectional.

“Each year our Unit honors the player who earns the most masterpoints in Unit 143 qualifying events, our three Sectionals in January, May and October, our Regional in August and Unit games at our local clubs. It is our unit’s most prestigious award. It is my honor to announce that this year’s recipient of the 2017 Ed Schultz Award is En Xie. This is En’s second time to win this award. The most amazing fact about En winning Player of the Year is that he plays with student partners 100% of the time. Being one of his students, I know first-hand what an accomplishment this is.

"En is not only a fine player but is a fine person, always a gentleman to his partner and opponents. I believe his students will unanimously tell you that as he teaches us bridge, he teaches us life lessons as well. Perhaps you’ve heard some of his wisdom: Have Peace in your Heart; Safety First; Be Humble; We Don’t Care if We Win, we just want to play our best. Did your partner make a reasonable bid? If so, move on. Good advice for all of us, huh?”

Unit 143 Advancers

Life Master:  John Levis (also reached Bronze), Jill Padua, Marcia Ridley, Shelley Sarver, Amy Stabenow

Bronze Life Master:  Bill Canfield, John Hagedorn, John Levis (see Life Master above), Michael Morrice, Betty Ponzar, Rolland Struebing

Silver Life Master:  Mike Arnheim, Patt Disbrow

Ruby Life Master:  Nancy Cadwell, Gilda Singer

Diamond Life Master:  Mark Boswell


The Longest Night:  December 21, 2017

As a participant in The Longest Day Event for the past five years, the St. Louis Bridge Center has raised over $146,000 to help find a cure for Alzheimers’ disease.

On December 21, the winter solstice, we hosted a new fundraiser, The Longest Night. Thanks to the 76 players who came out to play, and to the continuing generosity of our members, we raised over $1000 for the Alzheimers’ Association. It was a fun night and a great start to our participation in The Longest Day fundraising effort for 2018.

Pictured left at the evening’s event are Linda Powers with her husband Warren, who is battling Alzheimers’.

Winter Sectional Results

Baby, it was cold outside! But inside it was warm as Unit 143 hosted a weekend filled with interesting bridge hands, delicious food and friendly competition.

Top masterpoint winners at sectional:

35.54  Lin-Huan Chen, Kirksville MO

35.54  Ding-Hwa Hsieh, Kirksville MO

32.05  Jack Bryant, Saint Louis MO

31.27  Rod Beery, Saint Charles MO

26.60  Deborah King, Creve Coeur MO

25.46  Mike Giacaman, Saint Louis MO

23.82  Milt Zlatic, Saint Louis MO

21.46  Tom Oppenheimer, Clayton MO

20.95  Karen Walker, Champaign IL

20.95  Mark Kessler, Springfield IL

20.51  Carol Schaffer, Saint Louis MO

19.73  Tod Moses, Saint Louis MO

19.73  Nate Ward, Champaign IL

19.23  Paul Chan, Columbia MO

19.23  Lily Chan, Columbia MO

19.08  Nell Schneider, Saint Louis MO

16.20  Mark Boswell, Clarkson Valley MO

15.50  Susan Wolff, Saint Louis MO

14.61  Debra Romero, Clarkson Valley MO

13.19  En Xie, Saint Louis MO

12.64  Nancy Popkin, Saint Louis MO

12.21  John Kraemer, Ballwin MO

12.21  Jerry Kraemer, Ballwin MO

11.61  Stephen Zenk, Saint Louis MO

11.35  George Marvin, Maryland Hgts MO

11.35  Phyllis Siegel, Ballwin MO


Big Games at Unit 143 Clubs

 Mary Fort - Melissa Georges




 Lisa Lampen - Carolyn Coffin



J's Bridge Pad

 John Samsel - Arbha Vongsvivut



St. Louis Bridge Center

 Robert Daniels - Richard Nemanick



St. Louis Bridge Center

 Les Bell - Philippa Bell



J's Bridge Pad

 Helene Mirowitz - Ruth Byers



St. Louis Bridge Center

 Mary Strebeck - Debbie Lane



St. Louis Bridge Center

 Michael Carmen - Norman Athy



Bridge Haven

 Michael Schneider - Dan Waeltermann    



Lake St. Louis

 Marilyn Johnston - Mary Evans



St. Louis Bridge Center

 Kathleen Curotto - Terry Dunagan




 Jeannine Owen - Roy Lewis



Bridge Haven