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Editor: Karen Coe, 12761 Webb Hill Rd., Ewing IL  62836

McCord Trophy Race

It is the time of year that masterpoint race results for the preceding year are announced. The 2016 Ace of Clubs and Mini McKenney will be out early in February.

The third big masterpoint race is the McCord Race to recognize the Unit 223 players who amassed the most points in Unit 223 Sectional Tournaments.

Coming in first for 2016 is Diamond Life Master Judy Eaton (photo) of Edwardsvillle IL. Judy earned 33.05 silver points in Unit 223 tournaments in 2016.

Following is a list of the top 25 Unit 223 players in the McCord Race:

1. Judy Eaton, Edwardsville IL - 33.05

2. Charles (Ken) Keltner, Highland IL - 20.07

3-4. John Coe, Ewing IL - 20.01

      Karen Coe, Ewing IL - 20.01

5. Bob Cundall, Collinsville IL - 17.52

6-7. Jay Coleman, Hutsonville IL - 16.75

      Marcia Darnell, Murray, KY - 16.75

8. Pamela Ames, Maryville IL - 15.89

9 Gail Baughman, O Fallon IL - 14.41

10. Kadie Davis, Maryville IL - 13.42

11-12. Carol Phillips, Godfrey IL - 13.11

      Vicki Valley, Edwardsville IL - 13.11

13. Richard Brummer, Effingham IL - 12.61

14. Sterling Dare, O Fallon IL - 12.38

15. Linda Key, O Fallon IL - 11.98

16-17. Jo Krin Pendergraft, Paducah KY - 11.13

      Joel Pendergraft, Paducah KY - 11.13

18. Paul Bridges, Swansea IL - 11.02

19-20. Dianna Durbin, Paducah, KY - 9.75

      Louis Durbin, Paducah, KY - 9.75

21. Tom Wynn, Paducah, KY - 9.48

22-23. Monika Plumb, Carbondale IL - 8.46

      Imogene (Smokey) Reed, Carbondale IL - 8.46

24. Robert Holdeman, Pocahontas IL - 7.21

25. Joanne Vollmer, St Libory IL = 6.96

The McCord Winner's name is engraved each year on a handsome traveling trophy.

My profound thanks to Rick Beye for providing the data to determine the top 25 players in this Unit Race.

Unit 223's McCord Traveling Trophy

Each year, the winner's name is engraved on the trophy and, if they wish, he or she may retain possession of and display the trophy for one year.

The first name engraved on the McCord is "Ruth Novak - 1964".  Judy Eaton's name appears six times.

Rising in the Ranks

Congratulations to the following Unit 223 players who have advanced in rank:

New Junior Masters

Tim Bonner, Paducah, KY

Vicki Brantley, Paducah, KY

Barbara Price, Harrisburg IL

New Club Masters: 
   Linda Asunskis, Belleville IL
   Brenda Ketterman, Effingham IL
   Nancy Oshel, Harrisburg IL

New Regional Master: Gary Goeckner, Effingham IL

New NABC Master: Kathy Bold, Edwardsville IL

New Life Master: Paul Bridges, Swansea IL

New Bronze Life Master:  Eric Bizzell, Beecher City IL

New Gold Life Master:  Jane Baker, Paducah, KY

2017 Tournament Calendar

Feb 6-12 -- District 8 Winter Sectional-at-Clubs at your local clubs. Turn out to win Silver Points!

Feb 18 and 19th -- Winter Swiss Sectional in Collinsville IL. Schedule is here.

March 31 thru April 2 -- Effingham Pioneer Sectional, Effingham IL

June 19th thru 25th -- Crossroads Regional, Effingham IL

July 28 thru 30 -- Edwardsville Sectional at the K of C Hall, Edwardsville IL

Sept 1 thru 3 -- Cobb Sectional, Paducah KY

Oct 30 Thru Nov 5 -- District 8 Fall Sectional-at-Clubs at your local clubs.

TBA -- Caseyville Sectional, Caseyville IL