Merry Christmas &

Happy other holidays

from the 2017 Advocate staff and contributors:

Karen Coe, Ewing IL

Mike Carmen, St. Louis

Larry Cohen, Boca Raton FL

Mary Dolan, St. Louis

Karen Flood, St. Charles IL

Bo & Linda Goersch, Sullivan IL

Kim Grant, Fort Wayne IN

Georgia Heth, Morton IL

Linda Jacobson, Bartlett IL

Janet Jones, Harrisburg IL

Kimmel Jones, Euless TX

Mary Lattan-Shaw, Carlinville IL

Martha Leary, Urbana IL

Jack Spear, Kansas City MO

David Stevenson, Liverpool UK

Karen Walker, Champaign IL

Nate Ward, Champaign IL

Milt Zlatic, St. Louis

Best wishes for the new year.

We hope to see you at these special events hosted by District 8 in 2018.

Regional tournaments:

Illini -- May 22-28, Champaign IL

Crossroads -- June 18-24, Effingham IL

 Great Sizzlin' Illinois -- June 18-24, Crystal Lake IL

Gateway to the West -- August 13-19, St. Louis MO

Fall Festival -- September 10-16, Fort Wayne IN

District-wide competitions:

Winter Sectional-at-Clubs -- February 5-11, Local clubs

Grand National Teams -- May 5-6, Springfield IL

Fall Sectional-at-Clubs -- Oct. 29-Nov. 4, Local clubs

North American Pairs -- November 11, Urbana IL