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The Common Game

During the week of November 13-17, the ACBL piloted a collaboration across the Chesapeake Regional, The Common Game (TCG), and local clubs in our area. Individual players were eligible to win Gold Points based on their results in their Common Game ďafternoonĒ games. Anyone interested in seeing how this works could register for FREE, in a practice event Oct. 30-Nov. 3 where the winner could receive a week of entries for their local ďAfterĒ club game.

Bill McLaughlin, director of the DuQuoin Duplicate Bridge Club took advantage of this rare event and registered his club. According to him, this happens every twenty years! The winners for the day were Joette Miles and Bill McLaughlin. Bill was not sure there were enough tables to be eligible for the gold points, but it was still a fun day.

District 8 Charity Game for Youth Bridge

October Ė Spooky Halloween and fun October Fests and the D8 ANNUAL CHARITY GAMES FOR YOUTH BRIDGE!!! All club managers and directors were asked to run a charity game in October for the Youth Bridge CAMP/Activities. Players pay an extra $1 to play in the game and monies collected go to the Youth Bridge Camp.

Marilyn Croft thanks the clubs for their contributions last year; it was a record-setting year of raising $1,564. Hopefully, even more money will be raised this year. 

The District 8 Fall STaC

The District 8 Fall STaC began on Monday, October 30 and ended on November 5. Fall STaCís are a good way for members of clubs to earn those coveted silver points. Below is a list of some of the highest point pairs for the District 8 participating clubs in the Southern Illinois/Paducah area:

Janet Jones and Margaret High, Monday Bridge Club -- 7.90 MPís

James Brazier and Barbara Constance, Piasa Bridge Club -- 3.17 MPís

Martha Kallaher and Pam Fee, Paducah Duplicate Bridge -- 6.47 MPís

Julia Rambo and Jane Baker, Paducah Duplicate Bridge -- 4.85 MPís

Sharon Sehy and Kate Dickens, Effingham Park District 3.06 MPís

Gary Goeckner and Chris Sehy, Effingham Park District -- 2.30 MPís

Joyce Clark and Janet Jones, Denzel Bridge Club -- 8.86 MPís

Dennis Rose and Tom Wynn, Paducah Duplicate Club -- 2.53 MPís

Vernon Carver and Morris Gross, Edwardsville DBC -- 4.50 MPís

Susan Perez and Judy Eaton, Edwardsville DBC -- -- 2.53 MPís

Jim Kallaher and Martha Kallager, Paducah Duplicate Bridge -- 5.61 MPís

Tim Butterbaugh and Jane Baker, Paducah Duplicate Bridge -- 3.16 MPís

Julia Rambo and Jane Baker, Paducah Duplicate Bridge -- 3.24 MPís

Gayle Edwards and Al Grant, Paducah Duplicate Bridge -- 2.26 MPíS

New Milestones

Congratulations to everyone who reached a new milestone in his/her bridge journey! Listed below are latest winners of Unit #223:

New Junior Master:  Mrs. Tisha Kasiar, Eldorado IL

New Club Master: Tim Bonner, Paducah IL

New Regional Master:  Sue Peck, Paducah KY

New Advanced NABC Master:  David Stein, Caryle IL